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Garaia Parke Teknologikoa, Goiru Kalea, 7. 20500 Arrasate-Mondragón (Gipuzkoa)

Tel. 943 712 488

We are KREAN. We create better buildings, industries, equipment and spaces so that they have a positive impact on people, their environment and the future we share. A future that we want to create, with ingenuity and creativity, through our 5 areas of activity (Architecture, Industry, City and Territory, Construction and Promotion) that help us offer both comprehensive and specific solutions for our clients’ challenges.

A possible future thanks to the union of the talent of our clients with that of our team (400 people) and that of our fellow travelers: technologists and research centers, schools and universities. Because we know that only together we create the path.

A future that we shape because we dare to change things, to create in another way, to create with K. Creating with K means responding with creativity and commitment to each challenge, making any idea a reality and acting responsibly. To create with K is to transform, from the most advanced engineering, the challenges of our clients into real and tangible solutions.

It is sharing the future to be better.