Eraikune Cluster

Promoting economic, social and territorial transformation


Be the instrument with which to generate participation and collaboration spaces where all the agents of the Construction Sector create, develop and undertake initiatives that improve our competitiveness.


Be the space of reference for the identification, development and implementation of collaborative initiatives aimed at promoting the competitiveness of the Construction Sector of the Basque Country.


Open to the participation and collaboration of companies, organizations, public and private entities with an interest in the Construction Sector.
Collaborative culture, strengthening intersectoral networks.
Effective management and transparency in all the actions.
Creativity applied to the innovation of the sector as a value.
Commitment and leadership in the development of the sector.

About us

ERAIKUNE, Cluster of the Construction Industry in the Basque Country

ERAIKUNE is a non-profit cluster association, created in 2010, which encompasses the entire value chain of the Construction Industry sector.

ERAIKUNE helps boost the competitiveness of companies in the Construction Industry through training, innovation and internationalization.

Our strategic objective is to be a benchmark in the Construction Industry, the engine of the economic, social and territorial transformation of the Basque Country.

Promoting key lines to improve competitiveness:

  • Technological and non-technological innovation.
  • Internationalization.
  • Diversification.
  • Dimension.

Being the catalyst of change towards new scenarios and paradigms.

Acting proactively in defense of the interests, values ​​and general image of the sector.

Becoming an essential element for its associates, thanks to the role it provides, as well as its value provided in the form of services and projects.

Construction industry in the Basque Country

Value chain

The integral value chain of the Basque Cluster of the Construction Industry in the Basque Country, ERAIKUNE, incorporates the full range of activities necessary to create a product or service, from the conception stage to the distribution stage.

The purpose of the ERAIKUNE value chain is to increase production efficiency in order to provide maximum value with the greatest possible optimization.

Among the related entities are public administrations, financial agents, insurers, business and professional associations, knowledge agents, companies in the subsector of promotion, design, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure exploitation and building, valuation and smart-consulting.

Government Bodies

Eraikune Cluster


Made up of all the associates, it is the organ of expression of their will. Among other faculties, it is responsible for the examination and approval of the annual accounts for each year and the budget for the following year, the election of the members of the Board of Directors and the approval of their management, or the approval of the annual fees of the associates. .

Eraikune held its Extraordinary Assembly where the new Board of Directors of the Cluster was elected for the period 2020-2023.

This new Board of Directors represents the different segments of the Cluster Value Chain, with the aim of promoting the Construction Industry as a key agent for job creation and the economic and social development of the Basque Country.


Appointed by the Board of Directors: Jon Ansoleaga Ugarte.


The representative body that manages and represents the interests of the Association, in accordance with the provisions and guidelines of the General Assembly.