Empleo en Construcción is an initiative of ERAIKUNE to bring together unemployed people from Bizkaia and companies from the Construction Industry of the Basque Country within the framework of the decrease in activity derived from COVID-19.

The objective is to improve the opportunities to find a job for people who have lost their jobs in the pandemic as a priority; and meet the professional demands of companies in the sector, in second term. All this, with the support of the Department of Employment, Social Inclusion and Equality, of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, within the framework of the 3R program to promote employment.



We try to accompany and advise the unemployed person in their job search process

How to do it

  • Diagnosing each person individually
  • Identifying your capabilities
  • Organizing information sessions
  • Identifying the most suitable employment niches
  • Introducing them to companies offering employment

We help improve the qualities and skills of unemployed people

How to do it

  • Teaching both online and face-to-face
  • Improving their skills in areas of great interest such as energy efficiency and digitization
  • Updating their knowledge in more general and equally necessary areas such as occupational health and safety.

We connect unemployed people with companies that need professionals with these characteristics

How to do it

  • Provoking dialogue with companies through online and face-to-face visits
  • Mediating between unemployed people and companies
  • Creating a specific Employment Portal for this sector


More than 60% of the unemployed have completed secondary or higher education
Most of the people registered in Eraikunelan have lost their jobs during the pandemic.
36% of unemployed people live in Bilbao