7. Affordable and Clean energy

"Energy is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60 per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions"

13 per cent of the global population still lacks access to modern electricity.

Energy is the factor that represents around 60 per cent of total global greenhouse emissions.

In 2015, 17.5 per cent of the final energy consumption was obtained from renewable sources.


  1. Align with the energy strategy Euskadi 2030.
  2. Align the cluster’s actions with sustainable energy policies.
  3. Promote public-private cooperation to develop energy efficiency projects.
  4. Promote R&D&I projects that improve energy efficiency by means of technological solutions.
  5. Be a reference in the energy efficiency of the building stock and the integration of renewable energies.
  6. Promote the use of energy efficiency both in construction processes as well as in materials.


  1. Promote knowledge in energetically efficient and sustainable renovation.
  2. Promote technological and non-technological innovation projects to reduce energy consumption.
  3. Encourage collaboration among SMEs to promote innovative solutions.
  4. Establish agreements with public agents/associations to promote energy efficiency.