17. Partnership for the goals

"To successfully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we must swiftly move from commitments to action. To this end, we need solid, inclusive and comprehensive partnerships at all levels." Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon

79 per cent of imports from developing countries enter developed countries duty-free.

30 per cent of the world’s youth are digital natives and have been active online for at least five years.

The debt burden on developing countries remains stable at about 3 per cent of export revenue.


  1. Increase partnerships to foster actions aimed at the business sector.
  2. Promote inter-company ties to increase cooperation to develop sustainable innovation actions.
  3. Strengthen alliances between cluster and members in order to know the shortfalls within the sector.


  1. Increase the number of members of the cluster.
  2. Promote the cluster’s image.
  3. Establish relationships with public entities and sectoral agents.
  4. Get to know the strategies developed at the local/national/international level.
  5. Leverage the implementation of regulatory frameworks/strategies aimed at the development of the sector.